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#BusinessTipTuesday – Digital Marketing Tips

6 Affordable Marketing Hacks Starting or growing a small business can be daunting. Often times business owners do not have the time, money, or capabilities to produce professional marketing materials. However, creating and marketing a unique brand identity is essential … Continue reading

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A Letter to Our Interns

Dear Graduating Interns, It’s so hard to say goodbye. The experience has been awesome – you’ve learned from us and we’ve learned from you. We’ve solved problems and overcome challenges together, we’ve tackled client projects, we’ve had a lot of … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Dance Like a Chicken Day

National Dance Like a Chicken Day on May 14th is one of the more amusing holidays I’ve found on our calendar. It got me thinking about how business owners often feel like a chicken with its head chopped off as they run … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – A Perspective on #Momleaders & #MothersDay

A Perspective on #Momleaders & #MothersDay #May14 Growing up, I busied myself in a #smallbusiness, much like my children will soon do through the summer. I watched my mother sit across from my father, punching away at a big “adding … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Intellectual Property

We’re recognizing #NationalZipperDay celebrated on April 29 for this week’s #BusinessTipTuesday! We are bringing it back to the beginning when the idea of the zipper first came about… which means intellectual property! The zipper was created by Gideon Sundback and … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – The Value of Volunteering

This week we celebrate volunteers on #VolunteerRecognitionDay, Thursday, April 20th. This is a topic near and dear to my heart as I always seem to volunteer for something and I LOVE it! At The University of Scranton I have volunteered … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Plan Ahead

Tuesday April 4th is Vitamin C Day. As we all know many people take Vitamin C to help boost their immune system and fight off sickness. So for this week’s #BusinessTip Tuesday we use Vitamin C Day as a great reminder … Continue reading

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New Business Alert – Tiddlywinks Boutique Opens in Dunmore PA

The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center is proud to announce a new small business has opening in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Entrepreneur Jessica Bredbenner has expanded her mobile children’s clothing boutique, Tiddlywinks to a storefront in Dunmore, PA. . When asked … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Check that off your list.

Take Note! #PencilDay on March 30, 2017 Pencil Day this month reminds me of an age old organizational technique that still withstands the technological age-making lists! After hours spent each day on the computer, to me there is something refreshing … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Do You Unplug from Your Business?

Happy #BusinessTipTuesday! This week we are focusing on the #DayOfUnplugging, this Friday, March 3rd. Although when you run your own business you never really have a day off, so it is important to use the days that your business is … Continue reading

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