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About The University of Scranton SBDC

The University of Scranton SBDC provides no cost small business consulting services that are tailored to fit the needs of small business clients of Bradford, Lackawanna, Monroe, Pike, Susquehanna, Tioga, Wayne & Wyoming Counties. The center offers confidential individualized assistance designed to identify and address the problems of small business owners as well as individuals interested in establishing a business. The program is jointly funded by the US Small Business Administration, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and The University of Scranton.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Retail Business for the Holidays

With Christmas in July wrapping up a few weeks ago and pumpkin flavored items hitting the shelves within the next month, you might be thinking why are we rushing to celebrate the fall and winter holidays? It is still summer! … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Son & Daughter Day

“When you buy from a small business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom put food on the … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Your next Great Hire…

Your next Great Hire… At the SBDC, businesses know us for recommendations and trouble-shooting. Banks know us for assisting with business plans and financials. New entrepreneurs know us for walking them through licenses and registrations. But, did you know The … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Shark Week and Investors

Well you’ve been waiting for it, and finally it’s here … Shark Week !  No not the Discovery Channel’s event that celebrates the big fish in the ocean, but the day your small business goes in front of a potential … Continue reading

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Business Tip Tuesday – Get to Know Your Customers

One of the best ways to know if your business is going to be successful or not is to find out who your customers are and what they like. Without knowledge of your potential or current customers, it is very … Continue reading

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) For Small Businesses

The customer they say is king. They are the reason for your existence as a business. But it is one thing attracting the right customers and it is another thing keeping or holding onto them. Therefore, coming up with the … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Celebrating #WorldPopulationDay

What better way to celebrate World Population Day than to get to know the population your business serves? Demographics are the statistical characteristics of human populations (such as age or income) used especially to identify markets. Knowing who your target market … Continue reading

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A Hail to #Freedom! #Independence! #SmallBusiness!

With #July4th upon us, The SBDC celebrates both the independence of our nation, and the #independence that exists in our small businesses. Anyone who knows a small business owner knows they are often incredibly independent. Is it nature or nurture? … Continue reading

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June 29th is #CameraDay – #BusinessTipTuesday

They say “a picture tells a thousand words”, and never is that more true then when putting photos of your products on your company website. Many times we see start-up, entrepreneurs trying to save some money by creating their own … Continue reading

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#BusinessTipTuesday – Digital Marketing Tips

6 Affordable Marketing Hacks Starting or growing a small business can be daunting. Often times business owners do not have the time, money, or capabilities to produce professional marketing materials. However, creating and marketing a unique brand identity is essential … Continue reading

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